We will follow the workshop with three strands of engagement and dissemination activities.

The first strand will focus on the immediate CHI conference and its attendees. We will engage CHI attendees with our workshop through a public tasting event at the main conference. This tasting event will include some of the edible outputs of our workshop activities alongside a poster and dissemination materials for CHI attendees.

The second strand will focus on ensuring on an ongoing discussion and sharing of resources among workshop attendees and other interested parties. This will comprise of a set of media content created during the workshop to be shared on the workshop website, and a series of follow-up content created by workshop attendees to report on the outcomes of their food science experiments.

The third strand will focus on delivering a report of workshop activities to the wider HCI community. We will achieve this, first, through, a report in ACM interactions magazine outlining the shared goals and outcomes from the workshop; and second, through a special issue of a leading HCI journal to share workshop participants research. This special issue will be an open call for defining the agenda for food science research in HCI as a response to challenges of sustainable and secure food production, as a means to reaffirm the values of grassroots activities, and as an exemplar of citizen science as a lens for examining the mechanisms by which citizen- science publics operate.